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5 Responsibilities of Halal Certification Agencies

Written by Annaliese

If you own a halal food business, you will know the significance of the halal certification service offered by the reputed agencies. These are certifying agencies that take the responsibility of receiving applications and inspecting the slaughterhouses, agro-industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses, food chains and tourism sectors etc claiming to serve authentic halal.

Their main job is to clarify whether the businesses claiming to offer halal ingredients are actually serving so. If their representatives put a thumbs-up after the survey, the applicants receive the halal certification USA in some time.

Businesses looking forward to obtaining a certification often apply to the top-not agencies offering online services like halaladvisory. The whole process is taken care of online starting from applying to inspection and finally the delivery of the halal certificate with the logo.

Here, we will be discussing on the 5-responsibilities taken by the authorized halal certification agencies

Receiving the applications—

Almost all the well-known halal certification companies are available in the virtual world. Businesses like yours, looking forward to obtaining an authentication certificate for serving high-quality halal ingredients or food can go online and search for them.

Process the whole work online—

The best thing is that, you don’t have to travel anywhere or spend more time in the process.  The halal certification company in USA or elsewhere that you have chosen will offer you the provision of online application. You can get the form online. Before starting to filling up, it is requested to take a few minutes to scan the requirements asked for.

There are many companies that ask for attachments of different documents during the time of application. So, it is time-saving and convenient all the way to have those documents ready while applying for the halal certification.

The Onsite Inspection –

Though the halal certification agencies are programmed to receive the applications online, but all the best agencies send a representative to the business to inspect the whole work. While the virtual tour of the business is also processed if required.

Depending on that, the certification is approved and processed to get delivered through shipment.

Checking the Halal—

The most significant responsibility of the halal certification service providers is to check thoroughly that the businesses or organizations that they are certifying are actually following the steps as abided by the Halal rule. This is a matter of religion where lots of sentiments are attached. Thus, the representatives have to undergo the process while inspecting to find out whether a Muslim fellow or a Kosher is doing the job as mentioned in the religious scripts.

The Final Step- Approving the Certificate—

In the final lap, the halal certification company in USA or elsewhere where it has been applied for takes the decision whether to approve the halal certificate or not. Apart from the evaluation and inspection they undergo, if required, they can also opt for a virtual tour or interview along with the business so that they can get over the least of doubts they have.

Finally, the certificate is shipped to the address of the business shared.

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