Six Benefits of Pre-employment Screenings for Businesses

Written by Annaliese

Pre-employment screenings are done for many reasons. Companies can check for past criminal histories, especially in the financial and law sectors. However, no matter what industry your company is in, employee background checks provide the following benefits.

Ensures Better Quality Employees

When your business does pre-employment screenings, people who have lied about their education or work history will be found out. A screening will usually include a criminal background check, will verify the information on the applicant’s resume, and can also check his or her credit history. If your business is in the financial sector, your potential employee should have healthy a credit history to avoid possible financial misconduct and other problems in the future.

Finds the Best Fit for the Job

A pre-employment screening helps employers find the best candidates for open positions. They can easily examine resumes and verify applicants’ educational backgrounds, including the professional licences or certifications they claim to have earned. This will prevent people who have lied on their resumes from getting positions for which they are not qualified and thus potentially compromising the reputation of your company.

Provides Better Security

Doing a criminal background check can help alert Human Resources to applicants who are possible security and safety risks. Those who have a criminal background can be scrutinised more closely to check the crimes they’ve committed. If some applicants have a violent criminal history or one that includes stalking, sexual harassment or being dismissed for problems at other jobs, HR can eliminate those applicants during the hiring process.

Decreases Risks to the Company

By carefully screening applicants, companies can eliminate the risks of hiring unqualified people for certain positions. If someone claims to have a history in financial planning or accounting and they provide clients with bad advice, the company can take a financial hit if clients have damages due to the advice they received. By checking on applicants’ educational backgrounds and work histories, companies can reduce their risk by hiring only those who are qualified for open positions.

Decreases the Chance of Substance Abuse

A background check can help eliminate employees known to have substance abuse issues. If a candidate was dismissed from jobs due to drug or alcohol addiction or jailed because of drug charges, that information can be revealed in a background check. A HireRight Hong Kong background check can eliminate potential risks for the company, including hiring people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Increases Employee Retention

By running pre-employment screenings, businesses can reduce employee turnover because finding the right people for the right jobs will be easier. Pre-screenings help reduce the risk of hiring unqualified personnel. People with the required educational backgrounds and work experiences will be easier to find and their backgrounds will be verified so that employers know they have found a good match for their open positions.

If you want to eliminate the risks of hiring people who are unqualified for the positions for which your company is hiring, you need to have pre-employment screenings done for every applicant. Along with verifying their qualifications, doing so can increase employee retention and improve the safety and security of your personnel and clients.

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