What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship?

Written by Annaliese

There are many different elements to a business that affect how much profit you make. Profit is the amount of money you earn minus the amount of money you spend; therefore, you can maximise your profits by spending less money. There are many different business aspects that are obvious places where you can trim wasteful spending. However, there are some other places that are a little more subtle. Your shipping is one of them. You need to make sure that you are shipping in the most cost-efficient way possible. There are essentially three kinds of shipping that you will need to account for. Each one has advantages and disadvantages for your business.

Shipping by Sea

Shipping by sea is often the most affordable way to ship. It is useful for people who are shipping goods that don’t have much time sensitivity. If you need to ship something and it doesn’t have a very firm deadline, cheap shipping by sea is a great choice. Shipping by sea is not as reliably on time because there are more factors. A storm at sea could divert your cargo ship and delay your shipment by several hours or even days. However, shipping by sea is less expensive than other kinds of shipping because the weight of your items is not as much of a concern. The water can support much more weight than an airplane flying through thin air. Also, the price for storing your items at a seaport is lower than the price for storing at other kinds of ports. That will reduce your shipping costs as well. However, if your shipping is time-sensitive and you want to keep prices down, you need to ship by road.

Shipping by Road

If you can, shipping by road is the best balance between expenses and time considerations. 80% of items consumed around the world still spend some time aboard a truck; it’s the most common way to ship things. However, the biggest issue is that there are some serious limitations. If you want to ship something overseas, there’s no way to ship it exclusively by road. You’ll have to send it by sea or air at some point.

Shipping by Air

Shipping by air is the most expensive way to ship but it’s also the fastest and most reliable. If you want something shipped to a location by the next day, you have to send it by air. This means that customers are willing to pay more for that speedy shipping; in many cases, you actually end up saving the most money by shipping by air. When you set the price for your items, you can mark up higher for fast air shipping. Customers will pay extra for the convenience of having something arrive very quickly. So, while shipping by air might be the most expensive, it also could be the one that costs you the least amount of money.

These are some of the considerations that you have to make when choosing how to ship your items. You should be aware of all of the different elements of freighting business items.

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