So you’re getting fixed dentures

Written by Annaliese

We bet you never thought that you would be getting fixed dentures at your age – or perhaps, any age! That is the sort of thing that old people have after all, and you have never considered yourself as particularly old. Sadly, time catches up with all of us after a time, and that means that we have to start to accept the sort of things that start to creep up on us that we cannot ignore: whether that is all of our bones creaking and cracking when we stand up, not being able to hear the birds sing in the trees even if we try to get all that earwax out of our ears, or having to put glasses on when we read, watch TV, or drive. These are the signs that we’ve earned a little wisdom on our way through life, and they are relatively easy to adjust to, but there is one area of our lives that many of us get upset about having to change, and that is our teeth.

Who likes dentures? Who looks forward to having teeth that are cracking or falling out? Who enjoys root canals? Absolutely no one, that’s who. It is hard to accept that getting fixed dentures is the next step on your health journey, and it is all too easy to try and avoid the small signs that start telling you that you need to get dentures, but that is only going to make the situation worse, and give your dentist less of your actual teeth and healthy gum to work with. Many people who avoid going to the dentist because they do not want to get fixed dentures end up living in pain and discomfort, and pain relief can only help for so long. Eventually, you have to go to a dentist and talk to them about whether getting fixed dentures is the best course of action for you.

And if it is, that does not mean that it is the end of the world! Dentures are not the sort of things that they were fifty years ago, or even ten years ago. Dentures have been re-designed so differently now that they do not have to be the awkward, uncomfortable, and embarrassing things that they used to. We have all been in that horrendous situation in which someone’s teeth have fallen out, or almost have! But dentures nowadays have been created to perfectly fit absolutely whoever they have been created for, completely uniquely. They are designed for the way that a person’s teeth and gums are laid out, which means that one person’s dentures will never fit another person. That means that they should not rub or prove to be painful, or create any of those horrible sores that can develop with sores that dentures create.

At the end of the day, getting fixed dentures is not the end of the world. It does not mean that you are old and past it, just that your teeth need a little bit of a helping hand when it comes to eating steak and apples. You will probably not even notice the way that your dentures feel because they will be expertly designed for you and you alone by your dentist. Many people getting fixed dentures find that after a while, they forget that they are there – and most of them say that their friends and families do not even notice that they have had dentures fitted! That is the sign of a truly great pair of dentures, and that is what you should expect from your dentist.


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