Look Gorgeous with Light Makeup in Wedding

Written by cathrine

Makeup makes women more attractive and at the same time, they built confidence in women. When there are special occasions like wedding or festivals, then makeup is must drag everyone’s attention. Generally, in traditional Indian weddings, makeup and dress are given importance, to dazzle. Makeup should be done in a proper way otherwise, it spoils the entire look. Hence, it is utmost importance to follow makeup tips for a wedding party in hindi. So, here we look out some simple techniques that make you eye-catching.

Makeup Tips for the wedding party

There is no need to get confused to makeup by you for wedding parties of your friends or cousins or relatives. Just follow some of the tips that make you look divine.

  1. Makeup for face

The first and the essential part is the face and makeup should be done neatly all over the face. It is necessary to apply the foundation that matches your skin tone. Slowly combine it with a foundation brush evenly. It is important to apply for the neck also. Then choose matching concealer and check whether there are any discolorations and cover them.

  1. Makeup for eyes

Eyes give more attraction to any person if they are highlighted in a perfect way by following some tips in makeup. It is necessary to make up the eyes in bright and vibrant manner. Apply matte shadows on the eyes with glitter on the eyelids. In order to stay glitters still in the place, it is essential to apply eyelash glue, once it is semi-dry just pat it with the little glitter. Then line up lash line with eyeliner very neatly.

  1. Makeup for cheeks

Cheeks make your appearance more attractive, hence take care to highlight and makeup in a better way, but don’t over makeup them. So that instead of looking pretty it may make your looks ugly. It is essential to use a lighter shade of blush in case if the makeup on your eyes is very concentrated or else vice versa also works well.

  1. Makeup for lips

Lips are another essential part of which makeup should be done with lots of care and in a simpler manner, to make your looks pretty. First, the lips are to be outlined with dark shade outliner of the lipstick color you chose to apply. Corners of the lips are to be curved perfectly to make it look more attractive. Then apply the lipstick evenly throughout the lips very neatly and once completed applying, then just use a tissue paper to remove excess lipstick. Then finally apply little lipstick. It is better to choose light color lipstick if makeup on eyes is extensive. The best thing is to avoid brown color; instead, it can be applied with slight tinges of pink.

 All the above are the best wedding makeup tips in hindi, that make you look perfect for the wedding season. It may be your sister or friend or cousin or anyone else, but you will be eye-catching in the wedding when makeup is done perfectly.

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